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Here at CERAMO we hate to see anything go to waste, particularly our tiles. Sometimes however there are items left over that for one reason or another are very hard to sell. Short of turning these items into landfill, the idea came to mind to give them away and let them find a purpose in life .. maybe to tile someone’s shed or garage sink or that beach shack that one day someone will redevelop. All we ask is that if you choose to rescue one of our job lots you consider making a donation to our nominated charity – whatever you think it is worth or would like to do. It could be one dollar or 100. The choice is yours. We will collect all donations and every 3 months pass it onto the deserving charity. Our Charity of choice this year is The St Vincent de Paul Society WA.

A few points to keep in mind when choosing to take items from our FREE tiles for charity section...
  • Items are given in job lots and quantities are subject to a final count on the day of collection.
  • Items are not returnable.
  • If you are interested in any item, speak to one of our sales staff who can organise a sample for you to look at in our showroom.
  • Pickup day/time requires to be booked.
  • Delivery to metro area can be arranged at a cost. (Check with sales staff)
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Non-rectified porcelain floor tile.
size: 33.3 x 33.3cm
quantity: 3.66m2

Capitel Niveo Listello
Gloss white border tile.
size: 4.5 x 33.3cm
quantity: 28 pieces

CT40 MED Verde
Natural stone mesh-back mosaic.
size: 3.3 x 32cm
quantity: 40 pieces

Marmol Kali Tabaco
Rectified porcelain tile with a gloss finish.
size: 43.5 x 43.5cm
quantity: 7m2

Kali Crema
Rectified ceramic wall tile with a gloss finish.
size: 31.6 x 90cm
quantity: 4.55m2

Marmol Kali Tabaco
Non-rectified porcelain tile with a gloss finish.
size: 44.6 x 44.6cm
quantity: 5.56m2

Silos Marron
3-Dimensional border tile.
size: 6 x 20cm
quantity: 40 pieces

Silos Salmon
3-Dimensional border tile.
size: 6 x 20cm
quantity: 54 pieces

Listel Pisa Pulpis
3-Dimensional border tile.
size: 10 x 20cm
quantity: 31 pieces

Marmi Bordura Eburneo

Border tile with a gloss finish.

Matching tile available - Marmi Eburneo 33.3 x 66.3cm

size: 3.2 x 33.3cm
quantity: 84 pieces

Marmi Kali Crema
Rectified porcelain floor tile with a gloss finish.
size: 31.6 x 31.6cm
quantity: 4.1m2
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